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Burn Injury Lawyer in NJ

U.S. Burn Injury Statistics

Approximately 500,000 people received medical treatment for burn injuries in 2011.  Throughout the United States, there are over 35,000 fire and burn deaths per year.  It is estimated that 40,000 individuals are hospitalized for burn injures on an annual basis and 30,000 of these individuals receive treatment at hospitals with specialized burn units.

burn injury lawyersNew Jersey Medical Care for Burn Victims

New Jersey has two well renowned burn unit rehab centers.  They are Hackensack University Medical Center, located at 30 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey and Saint Barnabas Medical Center, located at 94 Old Short Hills Road, Livingston, New Jersey.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Approximately 70% of all burn injuries occur in the home, 10% occur while at work, 10% occur on the street or highway and 10% occur during recreational or sporting activities.  Some of the most common causes of severe burn injuries include:

  1. Defective appliances:  Electrical burns can result from faulty wiring in a household appliance.  Burns can occur from defective propane grills, space heaters, etc.  If such an injury occurs, the manufacturer of the items may be responsible for failing to provide appropriate safe guards.
  2. Motor vehicle accidents:  Often times during a motor vehicle accident, fires result from exposed wires, gasoline or other fluids that leak as a result of the crash.
  3. Work place accidents:  Burns are a leading cause of work place injuries.  These burns can result from exposure to fires, hazardous chemicals and hot substances.  Electrical problems such as old fuses, frayed wiring or poor ground connections can also result in work-related fires.
  4. Industrial accidents:  These accidents often include explosions, chemical spills and problems with heavy machinery.


Get Compensation for Burns Caused by Someone Else’s Negligence

Burn injuries are commonly caused by the negligence of another party.  For example, children’s burn injuries are sometimes a result of lack of supervision by a caregiver or a dangerous product that is improperly placed in the child’s hands.  A majority of burn injuries that occur could have been prevented.

If you have suffered a burn injury, you need to act quickly in determining if the accident could have been prevented if not for the negligence of another party.  If you received a burn injury due to someone else’s negligent conduct, you could receive economic damages as well as damages for your pain and suffering.  Unfortunately, burn injuries frequently require skin graft operations that can result in permanent disfigurement.  If someone else’s actions have caused this to occur, they should be held responsible and you should be compensated.

How We Can Help Burn Injury Victims in NJ

At the law firm of Villani & DeLuca, our primary concern is that our burn victim clients receive the medical treatment they deserve.  Our Burn Injury Lawyers work closely with the injured party’s doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to make sure that their medical care is provided without interruption.  We will thoroughly investigate the cause of the burn injury, possibly using the services of an outside expert and investigator to help determine the cause of the accident leading to your injuries.

If you have suffered a serious burn injury in New Jersey, please contact a Burn Injury Lawyer in NJ at Villani & DeLuca to schedule your free initial consultation.  Villani & DeLuca has two office locations, with one in Wall Township in Monmouth County and in Point Pleasant Beach in Ocean County.  Please call (732) 965-3801 today to speak with a lawyer who can help explain your rights and legal options.