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New Jersey Prescription Drug Recall Attorneys

Prescription RecallIn today’s society there are a number of prescription drugs circulating throughout the United States.  The National Center for Health Statistics reported in 2011 that over 90% of all American’s over the age of 60 were prescribed at least one form of prescription medication.  As a result of the ever increasing reliance on prescriptions, more and more drugs are being manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies that supply them.

Some of the drugs that are being produced are not properly vetted and therefore defective drugs have entered the marketplace.  There have been numerous instances where the pharmaceutical companies have been successfully sued for placing defective drugs in the marketplace.  Some of the lawsuits have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages paid out by the pharmaceutical companies.


Drug Recalls by the FDA

A drug recall occurs when the pharmaceutical company or the FDA renders a determination that the drug is not safe and should be removed from the marketplace.  Often times drugs are recalled due to the fact that they are fused improperly, may cause serious injury, or it may have been determined that the drug has dangerous side effects.

Recently Litigated Prescription Medications

Prescription BottlesThere are different types of drug recalls.  The most serious of which is denoted as a Class One recall, issued when it is determined that exposure to the drug is likely to cause serious injury to the person prescribed the drug.  There are currently a number of “class action” cases and mass tort and drug litigation involving the following prescription drugs:

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