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Burnt by an E-cigarette or Hoverboard – What is Next?

A 29 year old Colorado Springs man was seriously injured when an e-cigarette exploded right into his face. The man was left with a broken neck, facial fractures and other burn injuries. He is expected to undergo multiple rounds of surgery. This incident... Read More

Train Travel, Public Transportation And Personal Injury

We all have the same expectations when traveling by rail. We expect to arrive at our destinations without worries about being injured whether you are traveling on a train daily for work, or occasionally for vacation. But for some they might not be so... Read More

No-Fault Insurance And Car Accidents

On New Jersey’s congested highways and winding, scenic country drives, automobile accidents can happen. Sometimes, they occur through no fault of either party involved. Other times, one or both parties were negligent in their actions, causing or... Read More

Slip and Fall Attorneys

New Jersey winters can be treacherous. The glass-like ice sheets that cover sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots might look pretty, but they can be incredibly dangerous to any person who attempts to navigate over them. In warmer months, the ice subsides... Read More

Anesthesia Malpractice Claims

When we go to into surgery, we tend to think of the anesthesiologist as the person who “puts us to sleep.” The reality is far more complicated. While it is true that one of the primary responsibilities of an anesthesiologist is making sure we are... Read More

Shopping Center Liability Claims from Ice and Snow

Harsh winters are common in New Jersey, which can make every outdoor excursion a bit of a risk. Homeowners are responsible for clearing his or her sidewalk for personal safety, but what happens if you are in a mall parking lot and slip due to ice or snow?... Read More

Accidents Resulting in Permanent Brain Injury in Children

Extended medical care can be extremely stressful and expensive. Some injuries may never fully heal, resulting in what seems as a never-ending cycle of doctor visits and medical bills. For injuries that can affect personality and development, the pain... Read More

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