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The New Menace In The Sky – Watch for Drones Overhead

With the latest craze being drones that can travel out of sight of the operator, what responsibility does the operator bear when someone gets hurt? It’s already happened at least once in a situation where the drone crashed and injured an 11-month old baby, and the operator had no idea the accident had even happened. As drones become more popular and more affordable, it’s a very real possibility that more people will be injured. That’s why now is the time to learn what your rights are if you are injured by a drone.

Flight Regulations and Flying Devices

In many cases, drones are viewed as toys or devices used for entertainment. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates traffic in the air, and you may find you have to turn to them for recourse. The FAA has already stated that those who operate drones may be liable for as much as $25,000 in fines if someone is hurt by a drone or harmed as a result of something a drone did, as in the accident with the 11-month old. At this time, there simply aren’t many local regulations that govern the use of drones because they are such new products to the market.

Personal Injury Suits for Drone Victims

Other than getting the FAA involved, there is a potential for a personal injury lawsuit if you are hurt by a drone. These cases are handled similarly to cases involving owners who are irresponsible with the property that causes someone else harm. For example, if a person throws a rock without the intent of hitting another person, but still manages to hit a person, the person throwing the rock may be liable and held responsible for the person’s injuries.

In cases, like these, drone operators may be better off and safer flying the drone on their own property where they can keep an eye on it, rather than out in public. This reduces the chances of anyone getting hurt, especially without the operator knowing about it. At the same time, if someone does get hurt, homeowner’s insurance may be able to resolve the claim rather than the homeowner being held responsible for injury expenses out of pocket.

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If you or a loved one is injured because of a drone or you are involved in a drone accident, it’s important to contact the police to have the incident documented. Make sure you also have a personal injury lawyer on your side. Call us at 732-965-3801 for a free consultation immediately.