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Amazon Fined Over Workplace Injuries

Hurt At Work: Can I Recover Under Workers’ Comp?Accidents in the workplace happen and whenever these incidents occur an employer should make a record of what happened in order to prevent another employee from suffering the same or similar injuries. Recently in New Jersey, Amazon was fined by the Federal Government for numerous OSHA violations. According to the news reports, Amazon failed to record over 26 instances of work related workplace injuries or illnesses over an extended period of time. This situation was brought to light after an employee made a complaint and an ensuing inspection found violations of the act. Many times in New Jersey employees who sustain injuries while at work are afraid to report their injuries to superiors for fear it will fall on deaf ears, put their position at risk or in some cases they may be ridiculed and face potential retaliation. In New Jersey employees that work for private companies such as Amazon have rights that are protected by Federal Law.  Sometimes during these situations an employer may neglect their duties and the only recourse available will be through seeking legal representation.

Workplace Injuries and OSHA

Across the United States employees in the private sector are protected by the Occupational Safety and Hazard Act of 1970. Not only is this act designed to protect individual employees by ensuring that employers provide safe work environments but it also provides employees recourse from work related injuries or illnesses. Specifically in section 1904.39 of OSHA, employers are required to follow the recording procedures for injuries and fatalities. These requirements include recording and reporting:

  • all work related fatalities within 8 hours
  • all work related injuries and illnesses that result in absences, limitations, change in position or loss of consciousness.
  • Significant injuries that include – sprains, cuts, amputations, fractures and sprains
  • Significant illnesses that include – skin disease
  • all work related fatalities within 8 hours
  • all work related inpatient hospitalizations, amputations or losses of an eye within 24 hours

In the current Amazon case the supervisors of this New Jersey facility failed to meet these obligations and it resulted in a fine of over $7,000. The injuries that were sustained by the employees included being subjected to extensive periods of time standing with no breaks, resulting in stressful working conditions. Unfortunately in New Jersey and across the United States there are many more employees who are faced with similar conditions and unaware that they have rights to be protected. By sleeping on these rights it can result in consequences that affect the employee years after their employment has ended.

Do I need a Lawyer for an Injury in the Workplace?

If an employee suffers an injury or illness related to their employment, seeking legal representation can help protect your interest. Although there are current worker’s compensation systems put in place at companies, many times employees who report these issues or concerns are mistreated. If your injuries are significant and require attention, assistance or accommodations do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. At Villani & Deluca our firm has represented clients in Monmouth and Ocean County in personal injury cases, ensuring that employers who have ignored their responsibilities to provide safe work environments account for these injuries. If you believe you have case against your employer you can confide with the attorneys of our firm who have previously represented clients in similar circumstances since 1996. Call us at 732-965-3801 to discuss your case and receive a FREE consultation.